32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A.


This Sunday’s readings have themes of longing, seeking, and purposeful attentiveness. We are encouraged to remain alert to the presence of the Lord, who comes to us every moment, and to be ready to welcome his second coming.

The first reading describes how the spirit of Wisdom is eager to enter into our lives. She is always close by, sitting at our gates, waiting for us to greet her so that she may richly bless our lives.

Today’s Psalm is a joyful prayer of desire for the Lord. The love of the Lord is better than life itself, and those who seek the Lord will be filled forever, as with a banquet. In the second reading, the Christian community is reassured that our hope in the resurrection is not in vain. The longing and desire we feel for God will be fulfilled in life and death.

Jesus uses a cautionary yet humorous parable to stress the importance of remaining prepared and hopeful for the coming of the Lord into our lives. We are all invited to the banquet of the Lord, yet we can become complacent about the abundant richness that our faith can bring. God is here with us now, but sometimes, we may not be ready or do not have the light to see his presence.

This week, let us pray for a hopeful and joyful spirit of longing for the Lord and be ready to greet him when he comes into our lives.

Joy and peace.