19th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A


In our lives, let us get used to listening to a voice that speaks of peace.

This week’s Sunday readings reiterate the need to listen to God’s voice in all our lives, especially in times of trial. Thereby we might become artisans of peace in our world.

In the first reading, God appears to a despondent Elijah in the voice of a gentle breeze, and the prophet gains the courage to face his mission. The Psalm could be Elijah’s prayer: the psalmist is eager to hear what the Lord says.

In the Gospel, the disciples are also disheartened and slow to recognize the Lord in the midst of the storm. They worship him as he reaches out to save them.

St Paul, writing to the Romans, is saddened that the Jewish people have not recognized Jesus. He is willing to put his own salvation on the line to help his people.

This week, let us remind ourselves that Christ, our peace, is always with us and our world amidst the storms and difficulties of our lives.

Joy and Peace.