Easter Sunday Year A


We have journeyed with Jesus through the sorrow of Holy Week in whatever way possible. Now, let us pray for the grace to know gladness and the glory and joy of our Risen Lord in this Easter season.

The Easter readings tell us how the first disciples realized the power of Jesus’s resurrection. In the Gospel is the story of Mary, who goes to the tomb but finds it empty; she runs to the disciples to report her loss. Peter and John race to see for themselves. Finally, they begin to understand the meaning of Jesus’s words about ‘rising from the dead.’

Peter, in the first reading, gives personal witness to Cornelius of the life and death of Jesus; he has eaten with him after his resurrection! Peter proclaims that the forgiveness of the Risen Jesus is for all. In the Second Reading, Paul stresses that to live the life of a believer is to try to be free from sin and to live in sincerity and truth.

The Psalm celebrates the triumph of God over death in a love that has no end. We rejoice and are glad!

Joy and peace.