1ST Sunday of Advent 2022


This Sunday, we enter into the beautiful season of Advent. Our attitude is watching and waiting; the graces to pray for are joy and hope. The message from the readings for this first Sunday of Advent is to stay awake. The invitation to stay awake does not mean we do not go to bed, but rather to lead good moral lives. To lead good moral lives is possible if we allow the Lord to enter our lives and gives us harmony and peace.

The first reading and the psalm describe leading good moral lives as climbing the mountain of the Lord for a gathering that prefigures the gathering together in the peace of God’s kingdom. St. Paul describes leading good moral lives as living in the day or light, not darkness. The Gospel takes us back to the days of Noah when people immersed themselves in their daily comforts and forgot anything else.

So, to stay awake is to live good moral lives. This week let us renew our spirit of joyful hope in the Lord and stay awake.

Joy and Peace.