29th  Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C


Pray at all times and trust in the Lord. This week’s readings focus on the need for prayer and trust in the Lord, even when we feel isolated and despondent.

The first reading tells the story of Moses, who is helped by his friends to continue brandishing the ‘staff of God’ even when he is too tired to raise his arms. Together they help to contribute to the victory against Israel’s enemies, the Amalekites.

The Psalmist trusts God, knowing that the Lord will guard his going and coming at all times. St Paul encourages Timothy to be faithful to the Scriptures, which God and a source of wisdom inspire. Timothy is to proclaim the word and support and encourage others with great patience.

The Gospel passage sometimes called the ‘Parable of the Persistent Widow’ or the ‘Unjust Judge,’ reflects the need to pray continually. We are to persist in our petitions, even if the Lord appears deaf to our pleading at first.

So this week, as we pray for justice and peace in the world, particularly in open conflicts, we might remember the lessons of this week’s texts. Let’s try to persist in our entreaties, perhaps with the help of friends, trusting that the Lord will guard us against evil.

Joy and peace.