27th  Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C


This Sunday’s readings invite us to think about trust and faithfulness. They also remind us to be patient.

Habbakuk feels the Lord is not listening when he asks why nothing is done about the violence and outrage he sees. But the Lord reassures him that the upright person will remain faithful, trusting in God whatever the surrounding circumstances.

In the Gospel, Jesus teaches about faith and service when the disciples ask him to increase their faith. He moves them away from considering faith as a quantity to putting into practice what faith they do have. Taking the mustard seed, Jesus demonstrated to the disciples the power of faith. In the parable that follows, he then cautions the disciples about knowing one’s place in God’s plans rather than having an attitude of ‘what is in it for me?’ Our relationship with God is one of total and unconditional love and service.

St Paul tells us that the gift of faith in Christ is the Spirit of power, love, and self-control. Armed with this Spirit, we are ‘never to be ashamed of witnessing to the Lord, even if it means going against the tide or enduring hardship. The Psalmist urges us, ‘O, today you would listen to his voice!’ our hearts should be open, giving thanks and praise to the Lord.

This week, let’s pray for deeper faith and trust in God.

Joy and peace.