22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C


The readings for this Sunday speak of humility and help us think about the order of things in the kingdom of God. A humble person is loved more than a giver of gifts and finds favor with God.

The first reading advises us to be gentle, humble, and attentive, warning against pride. God is the source of whatever strength and goodness we have. By behaving humbly, we will find the Lord’s favor, which is all that finally matters. The author likens humility to water that quenches a flaming fire and a quality that allows us to learn from others through listening and experiencing joy in this life.

The Gospel echoes this theme of humility where Jesus teaches us how to live according to his vision of a good society. Taking a meal setting, Jesus teaches that everyone is invited and welcomed equally, for we share a common humanity. By caring for and putting others first, ‘repayment will be made to you when the virtuous rise again.’

The Psalmist acknowledges that God is the source of joy for the humble and sings of God’s care for those on the margins, rejoicing at his generosity to his people, bringing them new life. The author of the second reading urges us to remain faithful because Jesus, our mediator, has instituted a unique covenantal relationship for his followers. We can each celebrate our identity as a child of God and a citizen of heaven. There is no need to be afraid: we are not alone but part of God’s family. Therefore, let us emulate his humility.

This week, let’s rejoice and sing our praises to the Lord for his generosity, like the Psalmist. May we be attentive, gentle, and humble in all we say and do, always responding to God’s call.

Joy and Peace.