15th Sunday in Ordinary Time year C


Today’s readings celebrate the nearness of the Lord to us. Created through God and for God, we are drawn ever closer by peace and reconciliation. Not only that, but we also become like the Lord in our service to all.

The first reading commands us to love and gives us the means to do it. The law, or word, is not beyond our reach but is as close to us as our very hearts. And the help and compassion of the Lord for the poor and needy can be seen in our service. It is through this that hearts will revive.

The second reading clarifies that all is possible by Christ and his cross. He holds everything in being from the beginning and, even now, is drawing us together in a more profound unity.

Finally, the parable of the Good Samaritan gives us a concrete example of what service, this command to love, this more profound unity without bias or prejudice, looks like.

Let’s pray this week that we might have renewed confidence, trust, and hope in the Good Samaritan who comes close to us in our need, that we might go out so that our loving response might see God’s desires for all people.

Joy and peace.