33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B


As the liturgical year in the Church’s calendar draws to a close, the Gospel of Mark draws to its end with only three chapters remaining. Mark recalls two things. First, the last action that Jesus is about to take will be very dramatic yet powerful. Second, our experience of reality in the physical world should help raise our imagination to promote self-expression.

To capture the two thoughts, Mark uses vivid imagery of the “end times.” The first reading and the Gospel were meant to offer solace and encouragement to people facing a temporal and spiritual crisis in very different times and circumstances. So, the end for these people would mean an experience of gladness, peace, and comfort. We have experienced dramatic times with Covid19, climate change, political upheavals in some parts of the world, and myriads of other life challenges throughout last year and until now. Nonetheless, In the first reading, we listen to Prophet Daniel concluding the last of his four visions. He offers hope to us who face all this and yet remain determined to live out our faith.

As Jesus prepares his disciples for the troubles they will soon witness as his ministry comes to an end, at the same time, he is giving hope to all the Christians today who are experiencing anxiety and discomfort in every way. His promise to us stands that, “But my words will not pass away.”  Therefore, as we continue to live in turbulent times of change and uncertainty in different ways, the psalm today is of confidence that God is our refuge and shelter. Let us join those members in our faith communities who are experiencing turbulent sickness and death with the comforting words from the psalm. That, there is joyful life when we keep close to the Lord, even during our difficulties. In the second reading, Christ our Eternal Priest offers us a life of freedom from the turbulent of sin. He gives us new life, and his eternal words will never pass away, and these are our comfort and peace for the uncertain times we live through now.

This week, let us comfort one another by becoming living signs of Christ’s love to the world. And know that the power of Christ transforms every tear into joy.

Joy and Peace