29th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B


            We continue our journey of faith through the liturgical calendar and guided by the Gospel of Mark. Jesus had already predicted his suffering and death a few Sundays ago. As we contemplate our savior, the High Priest and Suffering Servant, we ask ourselves this Sunday of the 29th year B, what are the implications for us, his followers? We know that life is an endless search for meaning. The desire to possess the true meaning of life points us to eternal fulfillment; The purpose we may unconsciously search for in life.

            The first reading from a portion of Isaiah’s song of the Suffering Servant is the last song of Isaiah. In it, Jesus is the foreshadowed suffering servant who takes our faults, but he will also experience glory. The psalm is our song of comfort today and always because of God’s love to us, and he rescues us for hoping in him. The theology of the book of Hebrews exposes Jesus as human and weak like us and as the High Priest who helps us in our weaknesses. Let us be joyful that we have one like us, yet with the strength to rescue us from our struggles and weaknesses.

            Therefore, having learned that Jesus is a humble human yet divine places us to live humbly and serve others with humility like Jesus and avoid dominating them. In doing so, we shall deepen our understanding of what Christ did for us and express our gratitude through the service of others.

Christian Action This Week: Be humble in pain and any struggle like Jesus and know that God has not abandoned you. Help others to do so with your kindness.

Joy and Peace.