23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B


On this Sunday, God is calling us anew, inviting us to see and hear keenly what today’s readings are bringing to our attention.

            In the first reading, Prophet Isaiah proclaims a message of hope to strengthen the fearful people. That hope comes from the Lord who is coming. The Prophet offers us a theme as he calls us to see what needs to be seen, to hear properly, to move lithely and with purpose, and to speak honestly and with joy. The Psalmist invites us to pay attention to the Lord’s priorities; the oppressed and needy. Does this happen in our daily lives? If not, let us invite the Lord to bring change in our lives. Be opened! These are the words of Jesus to the man who was deaf and mute. When these words are heard today, it is the Lord himself opening our ears and loosening our tongue and invites us to respond to what the Psalmist invites us to pay attention to.

            In both the second reading and the Gospel, we are left in no doubt about those whom God chooses. Through today’s word, the Lord is making an appeal to us to notice, to be moved and imitate the Lord who shows no discrimination but opens all to see his love and eliminate our social distinctions that separate us and therefore live our faith as one people chosen and loved.

            Let us pray this week that we might be opened to the wonders of the Lord and to his challenges to see the plight of those God raises to first place. The Psalmists insists, “The Lord raises up those who are bowed down” and St. James highlights, “It is those who are poor according to the world that God chose.”

Joy and Peace.