20th Sunday in Ordinary Time year B The Assumption

            As we continue to journey through the liturgical calendar, on this Sunday, Lady Wisdom invites us to a banquet she has prepared. Everyone is invited to come and eat and drink wine. The Psalmist also invites us in another way to taste the goodness of the Lord. St. Paul exhorts us to lead a life guided by the Spirit of the Lord. Such a life is filled with thanksgiving and prayer.

            In the Gospel from John, Jesus continues to lead us deeper into the understanding that he is the bread of life. In the Holy Eucharist, we receive Jesus who animates us and our communities, and we are pledged life eternal.

This week, receive the Eucharist, the real presence of Jesus worthily and with thanksgiving.

The Assumption

            On this Sunday falls the Feast of The Assumption. Because it is a Solemnity connected with the Lord himself, it is celebrated on this day. The Feast is a celebration of the honor bestowed to the Mother of our Lord. It also marks the special place that Mary, the Mother of Jesus was chosen to have in the life of earthly Jesus and in the life of the Church.

            Today, the Roman Catholic Church celebrates that Mary after her earthly life, she was taken, body and soul, into heaven. In the first reading from Revelations 11:19; 12:1-6. 10, a woman considered to be either Mary or the Early church, brings forth her son into the world. The Psalm 45, which is a wedding song for the king of Judah, points to Jesus the King and to Mary the Queen. St. Paul in the second reading (1Cor 15:20-27) tells us that there is new fullness of life in God to be enjoyed by those follow Jesus. And in the Gospel, Mary visits Elizabeth her sister/Cousin, and together they praise God and place their total trust in Him.

This week, like Mary and Elizabeth, place your complete trust in the Lord.

Joy and Peace.