17th Sunday in Ordinary Time year B


This Sunday, the Word of God invites us to think of God’s providence that is both physical and spiritual. Whatever may appear scarce in our eyes, when offered to God, is abundant, and that our needs placed before the Lord get changed into satisfaction and peace.

              In the first reading, Elisha assures the man from Baal-Shalishah that twenty barley loaves will be enough to feed one hundred people because the Lord promised it. The Psalmist invites us to praise the Lord who feeds us from his hands and answers all our needs. The Lord is just and holy in all his deeds. St. Paul advises us to live as one community knowing that God is in control, and he is our source of unity. On our part, living with love, patience, forbearance of one another, meekness, and humility maintains that unity.

              The Gospel ties together the readings this Sunday with Jesus feeding the five thousand, a miracle that foreshadows the Eucharist. Feeding many people compared to hundred people in the first reading, Jesus reveals God as providential using his divine hands and bringing unity to his people by providing for their needs.

              As we continue to journey through the challenging terrain of life, let us know that we are in the hands of God and that our lives can bear abundant fruits because of that. So, this week, place more of your trust in God, and you may help others around you to do the same.

Joy and Peace.