3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

Still, amid the pandemic, we have come to the third Sunday in the liturgical calendar. Inspired by the Word of God today, let us make an interior journey to the big city of Nineveh. Jonah receives an invitation from the Lord to make a physical journey to this city that needed salvation. And because of the greatness of this city, he will take three days. Notice that the number of days here is symbolic. To connect to the last Sunday’s Gospel, John pointed to his disciples the Lamb of God who will be slain and rise after three days. As we continue our journey towards Lent and Easter, when we shall commemorate the slain Lamb; Jesus Christ, let us hear/obey his Word that lights our Christian journey to follow him. His Word gives us the meaning of staying on his path.

With the light of God’s Word, the Psalmist prays to learn the ways and the path of the Lord. Similarly, like the Psalmist, guided by the Word of truth and life, we shall walk along his way and follow him who is our peace, joy, and justice.

Paul encourages the Corinthians to search for their true meaning of life and live it because everything else will pass. And in the gospel, Jesus invites us to believe in the Good News. The same invitation made to the disciples and is the Good News to them. The invitation made a radical impact on them because they left everything and followed him. Why this response? The Word of Jesus revealed the meaning of everything they had been searching for in their lives. So too, God’s Word has meaning to our life’s searching, and by obeying it, we walk on the path of uprightness, justice, and peace.

Christian Action This Week: Make a concrete plan to read the Bible and live it.

Joy and Peace.