On this day of the Epiphany of the Lord, we realize the mysterious embracing presence of God that is revealed to all peoples and nations.

Even though we are in search of God like the Magi, he is the one mysteriously searching for us using the signs of our times. And in our intellectual, spiritual, and communal curiosity, even in a pandemic like this time, and our lack of clear understanding of our journey to him, we can still trust in his mysterious presence in our lives.

Isaiah prophesies a joyful multitude of the redeemed people bring their gifts of gold and frankincense. The Psalmist prays for the King to rule with justice and peace and be considerate of the lowly who are the epiphanies/revelations of the Lord among us. While St. Paul acknowledges that the mystery of God’s love has been revealed, and that we are now brothers and sisters in Christ, he also awakens our need to realize how much we are in search for unity and harmony in our divided world.

In the Gospel, the journey of search and offering of the wise men is our own journey along the path of search for true love, peace, and justice. With these gifts, we can then, transform our world into peaceful, one, and harmonious world. That true love is the gift of Gold received and offered to the Lord and others, our struggles, challenges, and difficulties in a pandemic are our Frankincense, and our hope in the Lord our Myrrh.

Embracing God’s creation with love and care, let us meet one another with gifts of love, encouragement, and hope.

Christian Action This Week: Offer to the Lord your loving heart and change your world with love to others.

Joy and peace.