Homily on the Christmas mass of the day.

God so loved the world that he gave his only son. This story begins with Mary who was betrothed to Joseph and lived in an insignificant town of Nazareth. From this small town, we celebrate a rescue story of Mary giving us a child; a sign. We have a sign; a child is born and given to us. This sign summons us to change and only if we change, will the world become different. And in order to change and make the world different, let us get the meaning of this sign. It is the light that comes from God, the light which entered into our world through the birth of Jesus. This sign is also faith and love, it is Goodness itself.

Like Shepherds who went in haste to the stable, let us contemplate in awe the sign that God has given us. The sign of his goodness; the Word became flesh and dwelt among us as John reports and now the Truth is, with God becoming one of us, humanity has a vision. That, we have a sense of fraternity and together we can build a just and peaceful world. The face of God has been revealed to us in a variety of races, languages and cultures. We all find acceptance, love and respect in God. God is one of us and close to us because he became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth.

Joy and Peace.