31st Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A, 01/11/2020

Think of the love that God has lavished upon us!

On this feast of All Saints, we truly celebrate the life in Christ that we are all called to live. The first reading gives a vision of the triumphed community of people over the tribulations of this world. They went before us, and they are an inspiration to us with their lived life of love for Christ that has now come to fulfillment. The Psalmist celebrates the reality of God’s presence in his Creation and his people. Our ability to see and find God in his Creation is a blessing to us. Paul encourages us to think of the love that God has for us that we are called his children. With this truth of being his God’s children, we can pause and think of how to let God’s love transform us and our attitude towards one another. In the Gospel, through the depth of human experience of loss, poverty, and persecution, and our compassion in response towards those who suffer, we carry on the attitude of the Saints we are celebrating today who found truth and transformation in beatitudes.

As we continue to live in the difficult times of our lives due to Covid19, conflicts, wars, injustices, and many other challenges, let us hold on to the example and strength of the many Saints.  With their love, perseverance, fraternity, and prayer, we can transform our world in anticipation of the Heavenly Jerusalem. The feast of All Saints is a reminder that we are a pilgrim people towards a heavenly city. Looking at the saints who have made it to heaven, they give us an example of perseverance, hope, and firm faith, and become our strength on our earthly journey.

Christian Action This week: Make your love for others this week real than just ideological. Pray to become aware of God’s love for us as his children.

Joy and Peace.