27th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A, 04/10/2020

The liturgical mood on God’s merciful love continues even this week, and the readings remind us that the owner of the vineyard is the God of hosts. He, the creator, and all our gifts come from him. Today, the invitation  therefore, is to reflect on the giver of the gifts and the receiver of the gifts with acceptance. Knowing and understanding that we are the beneficiaries and that we are dependent upon the giver, let us joyfully exercise our faithful stewardship. God expects maximum productivity from the gifts he has given us. He freely and without any control give us time to mature in love, mercy, and humility. Our misuse of the freedom and the gifts given by him, makes us unproductive, immature in faith and love.

            To become productive, St. Paul reminds us the necessity of being virtuous. And Jesus is giving us the today’s parable after the one of last Sunday about the Father with two children. The first one said ‘No’ but did ‘Yes’, the other one said ‘Yes’ but did ‘No.’ Similarly, for us to grow in virtues of love, mercy, and justice, we must learn to undo our ‘No’ to ‘Yes’. With the ‘Yes’ that is coming from our interior change of heart we shall become the vineyard that is productive of God’s grace and that grace will go to others.

Christian Action This Week: As we continue to make an interior change within ourselves, let us focus more on the virtues of humility and love to become Faithful stewards. Take St. Theresa of the Child Jesus as the model this week and this month of October, the month of missions.

Joy and peace.