24th Sunday in Ordinary Time year A, 13/09/2020

The Lord is compassion and love!

Last Sunday, we learned that some of the elements that make the church a community of disciples is love, listening, forgiveness, servanthood, and the communion of grace. We also acknowledged the fact that, within this community, there can be tensions, disputes, and disagreements. This Sunday we are invited to focus on the attitude of our Lord as we live together, that is; compassion and love, FORGIVENESS.

The readings this week speak of forgiveness, urging us to forgive others just as God forgives us. God’s love for us is unconditional and his forgiveness upon us unlimited. The same must be our attitude and practice in our relationships with one another in our communities and as the Body of Christ; The Church. When we live by the Lord’s commandments without resentment, hate, and anger, as the first reading directs us, we shall never have grudges against one another as we continue to live together. Moreover, our life as the Psalmist sings will be characterized by praise and thanksgiving to the Lord for his strong love and mercy that has no end.

Paul reminds us that we belong to Christ and this was shown through his life, death, and resurrection unless we choose to turn away from him. The way we live with our lives affect one another. Hence clothing ourselves with an attitude of the Lord; compassion and love will keep us a forgiving community and persons. And as the Gospel relates, so long as we forgive others with complete sincerity, God will also show us his compassion towards us. And so long as we repent, he will forgive our sins an infinite number of times.

Christian Action this Week: Try to restore the broken relationship, ask for God’s gift of forgiveness.

Joy and Peace.