12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A, 21/06/2020

We are living in challenging times of the covid19 where many of us are experiencing vulnerability, tension, and unpredictably hard economic impact. Yet, as Christ’s disciples, he is calling us not to be afraid but to trust in God our Father who knows us intimately and understands our needs.

 On this Sunday, let us think of our call to be disciples of love, truth, and intimacy. Our intimacy with God is out of his tenderness and mercy, love, and grace. Growing more in intimacy with God reassures us of the need to overcome any form of human fear. An example is Prophet Jeremiah, who in his loneliness, gives a challenging voice, with a message that is unwelcome to the people, inviting them to change. They must change from their self- centered way of living and develop a holy fear of God. Again, he turns to the Lord asking for his friendship in the midst of the difficulties. In the same way, Christ encourages us to never be afraid but turn to the Lord in our difficulties. In doing so, we shall express our confidence in the great love of God that the Psalmist sings.

            In this life we are not always promised success, we sometimes suffer and experience loss. Even as this happens, our trust through God’s grace remains, and as Paul reminds us Christ introduced this grace in the world. In fact, as Christ bids us, “do not be afraid”, the Father’s tender care will never desert us. God is on our side not as a remote figure, but as a Father who has intimate knowledge of and cares for each of us. Our fear of him will be the beginning of the knowledge of him.

Joy and Peace.