Pentecost Sunday Year A, 31/05/2020

During the current crisis of Covid19, we have understood the importance of working together to flatten the curve as we give time for the discovery of the vaccine. Again, we have realized that if we all work together to flatten the curve, we spare our health care system from getting overwhelmed. We have understood that working together we can impact the spread of the virus, and by being mindful of one another, we have continued to work with unity of purpose. Similarly, working together through our diverse spiritual gifts, we can also flatten the curve of the sin of hatred, and promote the common good of all men and women.

As we celebrate the Pentecost and the birthday of the Church, we might want to reflect on the various gifts and particular role that God has given each one of us, and how we can use them to work together in different ways towards a common aim. Paul in the second reading compares how we can work together in different ways, using the metaphor of the body. The different gifts that God gives to each one of us can be used for the well-being of the whole. In the Gospel, the risen Jesus comes to the disciples in the locked room bringing peace. While in the first reading the disciples receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, bringing them courage and the ability to speak different languages. They can now reach out to all nations, spreading to the peoples the good news.

As we celebrate the culmination of the Eastertide with the receiving of the Holy Spirit, and the beginning of the Church’s mission to the world, let us be mindful of the ways we can grow and work together despite our differences of cultures, languages, tribes, race, and the social status. Let us celebrate all the riches and goodness that the Lord has given us through his Spirit and change the world around us with our diversity, richness, and love.

Christian Action this week: Find out the contribution you can make in your family, church, and community to bring the desired transformation and renewal.

Joy and peace.