3rd Sunday of Easter year A, 26/04/2020.

Did our hearts not burn within us…? These are the words of the two disciples of Emmaus, and we find ourselves walking with the two disciples. Amid the difficult circumstances of life, which we are living in nowadays, we can invite Jesus to walk with us on our journey of life, opening the scriptures to us, and to remain with us. When the presence of the risen Jesus accompanies us, it will open our eyes to recognize him in the present life predicament. Although on our journey of life it might be difficult to seek and recognize him in the middle of the virus pandemic, locusts’ invasion, landslides, and mudslides, domestic abuses, growing selfishness, and so on, Luke the storyteller who fascinates, invites us to recognize Christ’s presence both in his word and sacraments and in extension, in our threatening experience at this time.  His presence is offering us the assurance that, if we seek him, he will open our eyes to understand and manifest his glory.

On the other hand, hearing St. Peter from the first reading, his preaching teaches us to have firm faith in the resurrection of Jesus. Filled with the Spirit Peter narrates on Jesus’ death and resurrection, and how all this was as a result of God’s plan. And quoting the psalm of today, Peter sees the fulfillment of that plan of God in the resurrection of Jesus. Moreover, in the second reading, Peter reminds us of our dignity brought about by Christ’s blood, and now we have faith, and hope in God who raised his Son and gave him glory.

Imagine the presence of God and his assurance of hope, through the innovative move of the lifesaving ventilators by the Medical School of Kenyatta University. How about the recoveries of the covid19 victims more than the deaths? What of the comfort given by the generosity and charity of those making face masks?  Don’t we catch a glimpse of God’s presence in our lives, a sudden sense of peace? Stay with us Lord, don’t move.

Joy and Peace.

Fr. Lawrence