5th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

In todays gospel Jesus uses the images of salt and light. In doing so, he teaches his disciples that they are to be the salt and the light of the world.

Salt calls to our minds several values such as the covenant, solidarity, life and wisdom. Light is the first work of God the creator and is a source of life. The psalmist compares light with life. Again, Isaiah connects light with acts of kindness and justice.

What does these images mean in reference to us Christians? These two images summon us to give taste to the world and with their heavenly wisdom to shine out in the midst of every indifference, selfishness and despair.

As a faith community we can add taste to our faith, life and communities when we relate well with one another. By heeding to Isaiah’s words, “feed the hungry, welcome the homeless and clothing the naked”, we shall give taste to other peoples lives; and add meaning to their lives.

Joy and Peace.