Christmas Time – Mid-Night Mass.

Mid-Night Mass


For to us a child is born, to us a son is given (Isaiah 9:5). Isaiah prophesied this looking forward into the future. It was later proclaimed to the Shepherds and it is now proclaimed to us.

Isaiah was consoling the people in their trials. To the Shepherds it was a proclamation of the present reality and to us it is a call to change because God is close to us. Let us wake up! Take off the selfishness, indifference and embrace Truth.  Can we visualize the great multitude of the Angels praising God with joy? This opens our hearts to be joyful and bring the same joy to people in our lives, homes, workplaces and the whole of creation. Joy fills the earth because the Saviour is born, God is close to us. And like Shepherds, let us make haste to open our hearts for his light to enter them and shine in the darkness of our lives.

Joy and Peace.