29th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C 20/10/2019

This Sunday as we also mark the Mission Sunday, the biblical readings have a main theme of prayer. In the first reading Moses is in fervent prayer to God and the Gospel shows that persistent prayer opens the doors of blessings and gives power to overcome all trials.

We are living in a world with many socio-economic, political and cultural realities. For instance, we desire peace, success, good health and relationships, victory and so on. We face difficulties and complexities in life that sometimes seem to overwhelm us to the point of despair and meaninglessness of life. Prayer is the power that changes the world and transforms it into the kingdom of God, in silence with even no press attention, and Mission is our effort to make that reign of God spread throughout the world.

When we raise our mind and heart to God communion happens and communication takes place. In this communication we must learn to listen since in God there is all the worth and therefore, we can invest our time, energy, gifts and talents in him. The widow in her powerlessness invested her energy in prayer and the Israelites invested their victory in the prayer of Moses. God is our just and loving Heavenly Father who hears us and is sending us into a mission arising from our hearts that have invested in him. An example of such a heart of prayer is St Francis of Assisi in about 800 years ago. In prayer he heard the voice inviting him to set out on the mission of rebuilding God’s church and he did that. Countless saints and Martyrs spent their lives in different ways at the service of the gospel.

The Mission, therefore, is a commitment to bring the reign of God in our homes, families, professional life and into the public life with a Christian spirit. Taking Paul’s words of advice to Timothy to believe the scriptures and proclaim the word persistently, our missionary efforts get permanent validity from God’s word.
Therefore, we can only remain awake to when the son of man comes by faithful prayer.
Joy and Peace.