25th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C, 22/09/2019

The readings this week of the 25th in ordinary time, pose a challenge for us to reflect on our attitude towards money. The position of our generous and just God in our lives should not be taken by money.

 Amos condemns a lifestyle of allowing ourselves to be absorbed by selfish quest for profit in every possible form, and thus enabling us to take advantage of the poor, and attempt to make them slaves for our personal gain. In our world today of market society when security and business success is our consciousness, a Christian disciple must reject this lifestyle.  He/she must be open to authentic generosity expressed in the second reading by Paul. He exhorts for generosity expressed in sincere love for all and manifested in prayer. This generosity with prayer is what builds the ecclesial community faithful to Christ. With its leaders who have different responsibilities to build a society anchored on justice and solidarity.

 Jesus warning us to be careful with money, he threw next to our lives a steward (state manager) who is dishonest but clever steward. He went on to teach us that, riches can rule us as a master would rule a slave, hence, preventing us from using our God-given freedom to love and serve the Lord. The parable is an invitation to a radical decision, and it reveals our inner tension between commitment to the rule of God and our concern for money. In fact, it is an invitation to ask ourselves, can we become slaves of both God and money? Again, is a reminder that being faithful in small things helps us to focus on the “genuine riches” in our lives.  Therefore, a Christian disciple must weigh between the spiritual well-being and his/her financial well-being. Our question this week must be: which weighs us more?

Christian Action This Week:  Find time this week in prayer and decide what will drive your actions. Is it profit that leads to exploitation of others and widening the gap between the poor and the rich or sharing and solidarity?

Joy and Peace.