Most Holy Trinity, 2019

The Easter season ended with Pentecost and we are now back in what the church calls Ordinary Time. Although for this Sunday we are celebrating a special feast of the Most Holy Trinity. Is our endless temptation to think that we know all there is to know about God. In fact, we may even box and label God and this is one problem. The second problem is our difficulty to admit that God is ultimately unknowable and in the words of Saint Augustine, “If you have understood, then what you have understood is not God”. Saint Thomas Aquinas taught much the same and he wrote: “The essence of God himself remains forever hidden from us, the most we can know of God is that he transcends everything that we can conceive of him”. However, we also talk of God’s immanence- that God dwells among us and chooses to reveal himself to us and CREATION is the meta-context of God’s immanence.

One God, Three Persons, United in One Love that has been poured into our hearts. We begin our readings with a beautiful description of how this creative relationship of love was one with the Creator before all things came into being. In the first reading Wisdom delighted God as she danced through creation in a spirit of playfulness.

The psalm is a song of human delight in God’s creation, and it sings also of the relationship with creation in which God has invited us to share.

The second reading explores this Trinitarian relationship. Through our unity with Jesus we are at peace with God, and the love of God enters our hearts by the Holy Spirit. In this letter to the Romans we are reminded of how this love will help us to grow in the Trinity of Faith, Hope and Love.

Jesus encourages his disciples by saying that they do not need to know everything while he is still with them. The Holy Spirit will be their guide, and will lead them deeper into the truth of the relationship of Father, Son and Spirit: each Person of the Trinity pouring love into the other.

As the Spirit of love has been poured into our hearts, so we are called to pour out the love of the Spirit into the hearts of all those we shall meet. Our faith is based on a God of relationship, and will deepen when we enter more fully into relationship through prayer.

Christian Action This week: Take time to reflect and marvel on God’s holy wisdom in creation.

Joy and peace.