Third Sunday of Lent Year C, 24/03/2019

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

In this life we all go through a lot of experiences both good and bad. For instance, some people are starving in parts of Kenya; they have no food and water. They need our compassion and love; they need compassionate actions than words from Christians, government and every person of good will. My thoughts and prayers turn to them in their sufferings and may we express our concrete solidarity with them in our best way possible. Peace to them.

When someone asks you: How did you get where you are today? The answer could be, everything that happened good or bad, small or great, life requires patience and resilience and not quick judgment. Sometimes we have judged a situation or a person by the first instance or experience. We can also quickly judge a person from appearance, a word from mouth, or from hearing about the person. In fact, this doesn’t define or dictate who a person or a situation is, but nurtures an opportunity to give a second chance. One might be struggling to become the best, to be useful or to find meaning in life. Our readings on this third Sunday of Lent invites us to be compassionate and loving to others than being judgmental; to be quick to give the second chance in life, to be resilient and to help others become useful and fruitful.

The Hebrew slaves in Egypt have forgotten the Lord’s goodness to them. But Moses, going about his ordinary business, is attentive enough to notice the Lord drawing near and willing enough to ‘go forward to look’, when he is called. God is compassionate to his children and he then sends Moses to remind the people of Israel that he is the Lord who is compassion and love (Psalm).

St Paul uses this Exodus story as the basis for his homily (Second Reading) to the church community based at Corinth. Corinth is a bustling, cosmopolitan city with a reputation for indulgence and temples are plenty, but Paul isn’t intimidated and doesn’t judge these people from their pagan way of life. Furthermore, he makes Corinth his headquarters for the mission to the west. However, it does explain the stern tone of his letter.

Jesus, too, gives us a warning in today’s Gospel. He calls us to repent, telling us that God desires that we bear fruit, promising us every opportunity to work with his grace. In the coming days, let’s listen to the Lord who is faithful in both word and name (‘I Am’) as the One who acts in our lives with second chance opportunity and not judgment.

Learning: The Lord is compassionate, loving and non-judgmental to us. He instead invites us to repent; he has hope in us improving and becoming great parents, a good neighbour to others, a generous Christian, a faithful small Christian community disciple, and a humble and faithful parishioner. The Lord invites even a priest to be trustworthy in order to help others bear fruits of unity, joy in their families and parish by giving a second chance to your Christians without judgment or anger, competition or envy.

Deeper Reflection: How many people in your life, community of faith have you failed to give the second chance? How many have you failed to help become fruitful or useful? How resilient and compassionate are you to the poor and the marginalized members of your small Christian community, Parish and devotional group? Can you remember having been judged by someone just from your first mistake or failure? How did you feel about it and the person who failed to give you a second chance? Did you despair? The Lord is non judgmental imitate him!

Christian Action: This week check out your attitude, words and actions. Practice love and compassion. Give someone a second chance.

Joy and Peace.