Lord, grant us in your mercy,

That we who know you already by faith,

May come to behold your eternal glory



Today we are celebrating the Epiphany of the Lord. He the Christ appeared in human form and in our human condition he manifested himself yet he was divine. The Magi guided by the star met him in the form of a human and adored his divinity as well.

The journey of the Magi reminds us that we are the pilgrim church, the people on a journey and our destiny is Christ the true King, the most divine. He reveals himself as the true light that illumines us on our journey to heaven. Faith in His word is our guiding star that gives us light on this journey. Therefore, we are no longer people of darkness but of light that never dim.  In his Encyclical “Lumen Fidei” (The Light of Faith), Pope Francis sees the light of faith as a great gift that Jesus brings to us (1), and Jesus himself said: “I have come as light into the world, that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness (Jn 12:46).

On our Christian journey, faith guides our steps to Christ. Faith illumines us to see the way of Christ who said he is the Way (Jn14:6). Let us also through our faith guide the children and all people to Christ, let us become to them a light that shines to help them see the way of Christ. Become the today Magi who follows the star and goes to tell others the true story of Jesus. Tell the story of Jesus again and again but in a new way and witness of life.

The Magi on their way to meet the Christ carried gifts. These gifts were not for themselves but for Christ. Then, opening their treasures, they offered him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. These gifts have deeper meaning to us and they help us acknowledge the birth of Jesus Christ as the highest gift of God to us that leads to the gift of salvation. The generosity of God is manifested par excellent in Jesus Christ.

Today, the message of Epiphany is in the gifts that the kings bring: Gold- To celebrate the wealth of God’s creation, Frankincense- to celebrate God’s power in the world and Myrrh- to symbolize his approaching death.

We offer the three gifts to our true King and Lord Jesus Christ in the following ways: We offer him our hearts as gift of gold, which are ready to serve him and the neighbor, the hearts ready to do his will. We offer our prayer, praise and sacrifice as our gift of frankincense and our every day challenges /sufferings as Myrrh.

The kings do not come to be served but to serve. They do not ask what Christ will do for them, but what they will do for Christ. They give their own possessions, their wealth, power and entire lives to the service of the presence of God in the world.

 Let us pray for the grace to serve and believe in Jesus Christ the true light. May His message of love, justice and peace become our common meeting place of joy and acceptance despite our ethnic community, colour or social class.

Joy and Peace