13th Sunday in Ordinary Time year B


Every Sunday, the word of God continues to give us a worldview that gives meaning to our lives. In this Sunday’s readings, the lens for understanding God’s word and how it relates to our lives is that God is the giver of life. We are encouraged to have faith in that Lord and his gift of life not only here on earth but also in heaven.

The Book of Wisdom offers us a view of life as a gift from God, who created all things. He invites us to live that life well, avoiding temptations brought by the evil one. While we do so, we respond to the many kinds of gifts that come with good living. One of these gifts is faith, and to make life good for others, Paul encourages us to share with them the gifts received in the good life with a sense of feeling unworthy and acknowledging how gracious it can be.

In the Gospel, the healing stories given by Jesus in layers teach us the importance of trusting faith that can never be disappointed. We may identify ourselves with the characters in the stories. The woman suffered for many years yet, she never lost faith but dared from the power of that faith to touch Jesus. We also have Jairus and his little daughter. Through these healing stories, Jesus reminds us of the importance of faith and trust in God, the giver of life. Even during threatening life situations, there is God’s healing comfort and newness of life that remains close to us, a continuous presence that provides comfort and support. One of the gifts that help us to navigate the difficult terrain of life, and we can therefore share with others, especially, those who are struggling with their faith is our gift of faith. So, this week, therefore, use your prayer time to ask for a continuous increase in faith. Share the gift of faith with others around you and build a healthy community of trust.
Joy and peace.